Excerpt from Page 49

Published December 29, 2016

The Last Missionary | Bob Walters

Excerpt from Page 49:

On the Way to Kasengeshi

Midday we climb a hill to the village of Mukana. The women of the church have planned a full meal for us. There’s a grass-roofed pavilion that serves as a local market. Plastic lawn chairs are brought out, and the team and I rest in the shade while the meal is prepared. We are slowed down by hospitality, but this long break is welcome. It’s been a hot ride in full sun.

But our rest is short lived. The director of the local school has arrived and wants to show us his school. We’re up out of our comfortable chairs in the shade and into the hot sun to walk to see this school. My patience is challenged. I’m learning how to not be in charge of my life, including when I get to rest. One of the comical dynamics of the patronage system is that the patron works for the clients.