Excerpt from Page 40

Published December 17, 2016

The Last Missionary | Bob Walters

Excerpt from Page 40:

Kyubo, Mitwaba District

We’re riding through an area known as Le Triangle de la Mort, the Triangle of Death, on La Route Rouge, the Red Road, so named because of the blood of the killings in all of the villages along this road. It just so happens that the sand of the road is also red. I’m reminded of the country road that led to my grandfather’s house when I was a kid. That road was also red, from the red shale of the coal mines.

The destination for today is Kyubo, 75 kilometers from New Mind. The riding is not bad: water on the road, but not too much; a bit of rain, but that kept the sun from beating down on us. We stop for our only break for the day at Gar Karila, a major crossroads where the Red Road meets an east-west ridge trail. You can turn left and arrive in Lubudi eventually. There is local food for sale, some roasted bukari in leaves, but no packaged food or bottled water.