Excerpt from Page 37

Published December 14, 2016

The Last Missionary | Bob Walters

Excerpt from Page 37:


Eighty to 100 kilometers a day means a lot of hours on the bike. Because I now don’t have to give all my attention to large trucks and dangerous potholes, I daydream. On the bike I write my sermons, plan for the future, and spin my story to justify my existence. Mostly the wanderings in my mind fall into three categories: French numbers, Fort Myers Beach, and this book.

I watch the numbers go by on the cycle computer keeping track of our journey. I get a panicked feeling any time it is not working, which is contrary to my commitment to release all need to be in control or to know what is coming up. Last year, I went into the Geographical Institute in Lubumbashi and asked for a map. They pulled out an old master, dated 1961, and burned me a copy on a blueprint machine. As we set out, these navigation tools are important only to me and I’m not the navigator. The group has no need of my map or my bicycle computer.