Excerpt from Page 33

Published December 11, 2016

The Last Missionary | Bob Walters

Excerpt from Page 33:

Mulungwishi to New Mind

In the morning Mulongo, our team leader, takes charge. He likes to get out at first light. Éléphant has his motorcycle. We take a team photo in front of the seminary sign. We’re off. The ride from Tenke to Mulungwishi was 80 kilometers yesterday. Mulongo wants to cover 100 today.

It’s another cool, damp morning just like yesterday. It rained through the night, and the road is wet. The mist is so thick that it’s like riding through a wall of cool water. As in the morning before, I’m in a T-shirt, but the other riders are wearing their jackets. I marvel at seeing winter coats here. I guess it’s like a 55 degree day in Wisconsin feeling balmy and a 55 degree day in Florida feeling cool. I have no idea what the temperature is.

After about an hour, the sun has cooked off the fog and the road turns to steam. By the second hour, everything is dry, and the heat begins to build.