Excerpt from Page 30

Published December 8, 2016

The Last Missionary | Bob Walters

Excerpt from Page 30:


Our break is followed by a long afternoon of riding. I’m not totally spent by the time we arrive at Mulungwishi and perk up when I begin to see familiar landmarks. I spot the cross made of 55-gallon oil drums on the top of the mountain overlooking the seminary. Then we cross the railroad track where the road makes a sharp S curve before going vertical. Open country turns into village life, with trees and homes and children and goats and chickens, and clothes on the lines and cooking fires.

Mulungwishi is an old Methodist mission station. In fact, the first Methodist missionaries to the Congo are buried here. It has its financial struggles, but there is no hint that it is going away. It is presently in a legal battle to save its mountain from invading Chinese mining companies. The seminary trains clergy and others for service in both the southern Congo and the North Katanga episcopal areas and has faculty members from both. American missionaries David and Lori Persons live and work here, and Jeff Hoover comes from Lubumbashi to teach. The Persons are both second-generation missionaries here. However, the mission has made the transition from missionary-run to indigenous leadership.