TLM as Code

Published December 3, 2016


I’m beginning to get some feedback from friends and realizing that the book is working as a Freirean code, as all good books will. Spoiler alert if you haven’t yet read the section on Paulo Freire’s generative themes and codes.

One pastor friend responded that he saw these same issues in local communities in America, and he enthusiastically recommended it other pastors, across denominations. That’s how codes work. You read a book, hear a story, see a drama, and immediately your head jumps from a story about a missionary in Africa to a generative theme of your own.

Not all feedback will be that┬ápositive. I haven’t yet received the angry letter, yet, but I’m bracing for it, the one that in ALL CAPS lets me know that I’m full of stuff. That’s how codes work, too.

But a lot of readers will be mixed about the themes of the book. Different themes will touch different readers. I hope every reader, or most, will at least struggle with my generative theme of being called to come and help, and at the same time questioning what my presence is doing to the community.