Excerpt from Page 24

Published December 2, 2016

The Last Missionary | Bob Walters

Excerpt from Page 24:

Tenke, 1998

The first time I visited Tenke was back in 1998. I was on my first district
bicycle tour, and Tenke was where I finished.

We were deep in the Lubudi District when the district conductor (lay leader) and
I decided that in order to make our Sunday appointment at Tenke, we were going
to have to leave the rest of our team and strike out across the mountain on our own.
Pushing our loaded bikes up the mountain, through high grass, on trails that frequently
disappeared, we quickly ran out of food and water. He spoke no English
and I spoke no Kiluba. We made a comical pair.

This is where I began to develop a faith walk that trusts my personal survival to the
ones I came to help. I was days from my comfort zone, without food or water,
unable to speak the language, dependent upon someone I had met just the previous
week, lost in a jungle on the other side of the world from my home in Indiana,
in the middle of who knows where, suffering heat with a humidity to match, and
the mountain goes straight up. I’ve never been so spent and so lost, and yet I’ve
never been so centered and at one with the universe.